Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prayers for a great day

Good morning everyone.  Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a great day.  Summer will be here soon.  Although we've been having incredible whether so far, it's strange that it's not officially summer.  On one hand I look forward to it and then again, on the other, I don't.
It gets really busy in the city.  The kids and youth have no real plans or activities.  The Boys and Girls Club are far and few between and a lot of the low income families barely have food on the table, let alone spending money for amusement parks and other social activities. 
With that being said, can you please add that to your prayer list?  Better yet, help one child this summer with a donation of some kind - a day at the park, a new summer outfit, a ticket to an outdoor activity, or just some change for the Ice cream truck.  Watch their little faces light up.  It will certainly spark a domino effect ;-)

Well, I got a little of track there.  My intentions were to tell you to make it a great day!  Love and prayers
Sgt. Butterfly