Friday, May 29, 2015

Coming to an end...

I am working the midnight shift for the next week.  It is always so difficult to drive home in the mornings.  My body is not use to this strange tour which I call "so not normal."

There are a lot of things that we as "police officers" experience that are not normal and to me, this shift is certainly one of them!! 

This assignment usually comes twice a year.  I always dread it but toward the end, I begin to embrace it.  My body slowly becomes accustomed to having the day to sleep and then the late afternoon to study and be still.  I get to pretend that life as I know it is at a complete standstill.  I am physically unable to participate and I cannot see past my bed :-)

I stock up on food and I turn my ringer off.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am unavailable due to my zombie state of mind.  I look out the window from time to time as life passes by and I resemble a robot that has no control over her body.

And before you know it, a week or two passes and things begin to settle in the old routine.  I start to feel like my old self again and the past becomes a blur. 

BUT, for me, the good news is that this is my #last tour on midnights as the CID Watch Commander.  Lord willing, I will have the privilege of accomplishing 25 years of service on November 18, 2015.

None of what I've endured and experienced would have been possible without the GRACE of God.  HE was there on every assignment, walked alongside me on every foot beat, responded to every code-one call, all those hours of training and every range qualification.  He safely carried me through every search warrant, demonstration, ever protest and every frozen Inauguration Detail.  He was with me when I locked up every violent offender, when I responded to every burglar alarm and when I conducted every unsafe traffic stop.  He has been my #ROCK in those moments when I just didn't feel like it, when things made absolutely no sense and when I wanted to give up.  GOD is the source of my strength and HE has been even when I did not know it.

There were many, many days...years in fact, when I did not give Him any credit and that was only because I was operating in my own will.  In the past, I never sought His guidance or path and believed that I knew what was best.  How wrong was I?!

Thank You Father that YOUR #best was and is so much better than mine.  I thank You and I praise You for all that You've done not only for me, but for all of my brothers and sisters in #blue and for all of the citizens that we were able to help.  I continue to pray for those who have lost a loved one, those who never got closure and for those who were wrongly accused.

Father there are still so many who need YOU and still so many who are waiting for healing and deliverance.  Our Nation is in trouble, our schools, churches and communities need YOUR PRESENCE.  This world is operating out of fear, greed, pride and ignorance.  WE are STARVING for LOVE and we are in need of an outpouring of YOUR Holy Spirit.  We call on the name of Jesus and WE wait in expectation.

Father have Your way. Please, have Your way!