Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thank You Father

My Lord,

As this tour comes to a close and I no longer have to work this crazy shift again, I praise you and I thank you for your unending grace.  Thank you for your protection for me, my team and the brothers and sisters in blue.  Also for medics and physicians that are on call 24/7 along with the fire fighters and police officers.

Father, You have been in my corner since day one.  Your presence is something that I still long for even when I know you are right beside me.  I still cry when I think about the years when I did not long for you.  I know that old things have since past away and all things are new.  I know that you remember my sins know more and I know that you do not hold my yesterdays against me.  BUT yet, I still wonder how different my life would have been had I known YOUR Grace and Mercy back then.

Deep breath....exhale.....

Thank you that I know it now.

Thank you that I was not killed in the line of duty.  Thank you that I was not involved in a car accident and thank you that I did not suffer an illness that could have taken my life.

Thank you for granting me the privilege to be your servant.  I get to love you all the days of my life and I get to see Your face at the end of this journey.

In a world filled with hatred, pride, greed, destruction, evil, revenge, senseless acts of violence and pure darkness, YOU still show Your glory and You still have compassion on us.  YOU want all to come to Salvation.

I pray that as I continue this journey in Law Enforcement, that YOU will continue to use me, my life and my testimony to point others to You.  I have no shame about who I used to be and how You delivered me from the hands of the enemy.  Yes, I would have been in hell had I died before I asked You to be the Lord of my life.

Thank you.

Sgt. Fuller <3>