Monday, November 1, 2010

Grateful heart

As the unemployment rate continues to rise, I am more and more grateful for the overflow of work that awaits me in my in-box.

My prayers are truly with those who have lost their jobs. I continue to pray that those of us who continue with the 9 to 5, give thanks to the Lord even when we're feeling over worked and under appreciated.

If you find yourself in a "funk," which we all do at times; do something nice for someone else. It'll surely lift you up and out. You may very well start a trend. It used to be called a random act of kindness. Do people still do that?

It's all for the Glory of GOD. His rewards are eternal.

Love and continued peace


A Lady's Life said...

I think those are the best acts of kindness in the world, coming from people you don't know, out of no where.I feel for all those people who lost jobs, because our governments are not looking out for our own people. Jobs are the most important things to have and society needs to be kept busy doing productive things. If it was, then there would be less crime because after being on your feet all day, there is nothing better than to come home and put your feet up and say whew! Was a good and long satisfying day. lol
North America needs to send a message that we need our jobs back at home, where they belong.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Ms. Lady, I know the feeling. Coming home at the end of the work day can truly give someone a sense of purpose and getting to put your feet up in the end, is indeed a cherry on top!

Love you!