Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keep Up The Faith & Fight!

We received the below letter from a Christian mom who appreciates our Law Enforcement efforts.

Our Assistant Chief, Diane Groomes shared it with us via group e-mail:

I just love it!

Dear Diane,

With all the hate speech aimed at our law enforcement lately, I want to reach out to as many departments as possible with words of thanks and encouragement. I am a Christian, single mother of three and all I want to say is, please, don't give up on us all. I am with you, not against you and so is God. All the disrespect for authority is just the ugly fruit of a culture growing in un-godliness. I am so grateful for the police. I know most of you are doing what you do because you have a heart of justice. I imagine it is such a difficult job dealing with the rebellious people of society. Day in and day out feeling hated by them. Walking a difficult line. I just want to encourage you with this letter and show my appreciation for all you do and go through. I respect our police, fire department and military for all they do. I thank you, thank you, thank you for putting your life and sanity on the line for my sake daily. I pray that our heavenly Father brings you peace and rest in this turbulent world. May He strengthen you and give you perseverance to do all He has called you to do. May His blessings of protection and wisdom come upon you all the days of your life. With all sincerity, Kristi Smith-Willis

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