Friday, November 7, 2008

Are the Judges in our justice system reading the bible?

Ecclesiastes 8:11

When the "sentence" for a crime is not
"quickly" carried out, the hearts of
the people are filled with schemes
to do wrong!

I can't tell you how many times we've arrested
someone for a felony and by that evening or
the following morning, they're back on the street...

I know the punishment won't be as swift as we'd
like, but the repeat offenders are just that because
of the lack of punishment being handed down by
our justice system. Yes the jails are full but is that
a justifiable excuse?

Is it wrong to give the maximum penalty for the
first time offender?


SLC said...

Great question and scripture.

Jails being full is the fault of the perpetrators not the system.

I was going to say it should be based on the severity of the crime but then I realized that's always open to interpretation. So in order to remove bias I think the maximum sentence should be given.
Until then, they'll play the system until it kills them.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

In our society, they will most likely "kill someone else" before "it" kills them.

I hate to be so harsh, but the violence isn't decreasing and this is the time of year where it gets worst.

Thanks, SLC have a great weekend.

Shanita Waters said...

It's funny you would ask that. I saw a sad story on the news this morning about an 8 year old boy that "illegedly" killed his father and his father's friend. The authorities were trying to decide what to do with the child and if he should be tried as an adult. Based on the details of the case and depending on what state they were in, the kid could have been facing the max. sentence. Do I think that's fair? No.

But then I thought that if the boy murdered 2 people and gets off easy, he'll probably think he can do it again and get another slap on the wrist. Too often criminals are released before they are "rehabilitated" and turn around and commit even worse crimes (look at what's happened to our police offices in Philadelphia in the past year). So I think I'd have to agree with SLC in that they must learn a lesson and face the max. sentence for murder, rape, child abuse but for the "lesser evils", I think they should have to serve at least 3/4 of there time as opposed to half.

Parkay said...

Hello, in answer to your question, I don't think they are. Because if they did they would hand down punishments that would fit the crimes committed. Sounds harsh but I feel that's why we have so many repeat offenders. In my opinion there is no real incentive for them to even think about stopping this behavior. I will pray for your safety as you do your job. PEACE