Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Grace

God you are so very gracious to [us].  In spite of the evil, cruel and disheartening acts that occur day after day, you still continue to show your grace.  You continually gift us with a new day, a new sunrise, a gentle breeze, a beautiful flower, a fluttering butterfly, green grass, amazing clouds, a sweet bird's song, food, shelter, employment, medical coverage, hugs, laughter, photographs, beaches, animals, transportation, museums, choices, friendships, comfort, books, desires, dreams, homes, parks, music, churches, playgrounds, a child's laughter, nursing homes, endless resources, grandparents, wisdom, tears, lessons, answered prayers, sleep, vacations, paychecks, dancing, ice cream, electronics, candles, memories, hope, love and so much more....My Lord, I do not take any of this for granted and I pray that if anyone is in need of a reminder about how precious this fleeting life is that they would stop, look up and praise You. 

There is nothing more precious than "knowing" that we are not alone in this life's journey and that we are not in control.  That is why my joy is complete and why I am trusting you for ALL things. 

The enemy may be under the assumption that he has the upper hand and that society is losing the war against crime, but Father, I know who reigns and who still sits on the throne.  You are coming back to take what is rightfully yours and those who know and love you will NOT suffer your wrath.

Father, please have your way and continue in your will to bless our Nation in spite of how things may "appear."

I pray for comfort to those in mourning, those who have lost a loved one, those who have suffered a violent attack, those who feel lost, those who suffer from addictions, those who are contemplating suicide, those who have broken relationships, those who are homeless, those awaiting adoption, those considering divorce, those who have been mentally, verbally and physically abused, those who are victims of human trafficking, those who are wrongly imprisoned, those suffering from depression, those who have no hope and those who do not know you to be Lord of all.  This is my heartfelt prayer, in Jesus' precious and perfect name. Amen.


A Lady's Life said...

Oh yes Terrible stuff going on in the world.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

That's why we have pray without ceasing.

Love you.

A Lady's Life said...

I just hate watching the news.
Stay safe.