Monday, January 4, 2016

Complete Freedom

My Lord,

This is my first Monday as a civilian. I was bound by my duties and responsibilities as a cop for over 25 years and I'm finally blissfully free.

No more getting up at 0345 hours, monitoring the radio, code-one assignments, signing leave slips, executing search warrants, reviewing affidavits, registering for training, qualifying at the range, PDT, AHOD, Summer Crime Iniatives, WALES, NCIC, court appearances, monthly reports, PD 50's, need ASAP, departmental e-mails, conference calls, crime briefings, power point presentations, arrest reports, TACIS, PSS book, criminal background checks, case reviews, follow ups, chasing leads, uncooperative complainants,  knowing how many people died in a 24 hour period, knowing how many juveniles were arrested, knowing how many repeat offenders, hot car sheets, disgruntle employees, mismanagement, fake friendships, egos, pride, selfishness, spirits of darkness, lack of resources, lack of concern, roll calls, leave restrictions, details at the last minute, leave cancellations, teletypes, BOLO's, wanted posters, shootings, robberies, assaults, endless theft reports, homicides, sexual assaults, shift changes, midnight watch commander, answering to 10 different bosses, staff meetings, being held over, being essential personnel, working holidays, missing important family events, walking footbeats, chasing suspects, responding to the police clinic, presidential inauguration assignments, employee performance evals, citizen's complaint, disciplinary review, being responsible for eight plus detectives, favoritism, transfers, inspections, sounds of gunshots, priority alert tones, bulletproof vest, asp, handcuffs, sanbrown belt, glock, magazines, bullets or chaos.

And that's just to name a few.....

Thank You Lord -----------> No more!!!

Again, as I stated in my previous post, I will miss many friendly faces and colleagues-some I'll see again and many I will not. But that won't change the impact that they have made in my life and that won't stop me from praying for them and their families.

Your Word is truth --------->Your grace is sufficient for me.

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