Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Last Day As Sergeant Fuller

Today is my last day as Detective Sergeant Fuller and as a law enforcement officer.  There are too many people to thank and not enough time to speak of all that this job has meant to me.  I cannot possibly write or blog about 25 years of serving the Nation's Capitol and protecting the citizens of Washington, D. C. 

The only thing that I will say here is that I have met some amazing people, created some lasting friendship, learned countless lessons and received endless blessings as a result of swearing in on November 18, 1990.  As I leave today, it is only because My Savior, Jesus Christ was walking with me the entire time.  NOTHING I DID IN MY OWN WILL. 

His grace, mercy, tenderness, compassion and love was my armor and protection. And in all that I have mentioned, I am most grateful that I never had to take the life of another in the performance of my duties.  In closing, I am grateful that I am leaving in good health.  Again, all the praise goes to God!

Psalm 23, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11-14 is what sustains me.
I will always pray for the safety of my brothers and sisters in blue and not just here in the city but for law enforcement officers everywhere.  If you've never walked a day in our shoes, you simply cannot judge us from a "media report, newspaper clipping, or a video" that was taken in the midst of chaos. 

PRAYER in the name of Jesus is the only thing that will keep this world together until The Lord returns...prayer and love.

The First District Detective's will always be inside my heart....those who have since retired, those who will soon retire and those that will be retiring in the years to come.

Good-bye Rich, Tom, Dave, Sabrina, Carol, Paul, Matthew, Ms. Burns, Dave, Mike, Steve, Zach, Tink, Rosslyn, Casey, Bridget, Antoinette, Richard, Se, Steve, Kim, Robbie, Darren, Shayne, David, Charles, Ray, Phillip, Emmie, Carol, Kelly, Karen, Kim Walston, and so, so many others. 

10/7 for the remainder!


SLC said...

Congratulations sis. Time had flown since first meeting you here in blog land. Thanks for being a blessing to DC and everywhere you're smile has traveled.

Denise Michelle Fuller said...

Congratulations from your twin! On to bigger and better things, huh? You're going from keeping a city in line to keeping a classroom in line. May you enjoy your second career and may you bless the children without them even knowing why!

denise fuller said...

Thank you so much little brother! His grace alone!!!!!! Super excited to love on the kids and to #shine for Him!

denise fuller said...

Sister I'm too excited to show them the love that flows from my heart just because He loved me first. Xo