Thursday, September 25, 2008

My weapon of choice

Yesterday I had to go to the firing range to re-qualify with my Glock 19. Wow, even writing this takes me back a bit. I actually own one of those.... at least until I retire. It's been attached to my right hip for almost 18 years and it still amazes me what power comes with it. To actually take a life of another is something I can't even fathom.

As I began to take my stance, I have on my ear and eye protection and I'm in place 25 feet away from what is supposed to be my suspect, ready to aim and fire. There are men and women to the left and right of me and I often wonder what are they thinking as they stand there. Believe it or not, I was thinking about my hair appointment later that day, hoping to catch a matinee at 4:30 and whether or not I was going to eat the leftovers or treat myself to some real food.

Then the lights go out, the instruction begins and without hesitation, I reach for my Glock. I use my left hand to support my grip and I close my left eye and line up my front sights. I look ahead 25 feet and try to hit the center mass of the target. As the round discharges from the barrel and the muzzle flashes with a quick yellow and gold side effect it becomes all to clear to me that one day that paper target just might become a real person and I will have to make a split second decision (to shoot or not to shoot).

Call me niave, but I say all that to say that my weapon of choice is my smile. I think if we smile more and look people in the eye when we do it, it throws them off and oftentimes can cause an epidemic. Try it today, look at a complete stranger and smile your best smile!


SLC said...

Now I wasn't expecting that, but I'm glad I got it. I'll give it a try.
The photo on the bike is a great display of your weapon of choice.
18 years (Faithful)! I pray you go another 18 without having to make that decision.

BTW, was that matinée on a Sunday afternoon? (I'm smiling)


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you soooo much for the prayers but in (7) years I have the luxury of being like you... a civilian. God is good to me, I saw a matinee Tues & Wed. But on flip side of that a ticket, popcorn & sprite $16. Not fair(lol)

Don said...

Love how you wrote this post. For a moment it had me thinking about the days when I stood @ a shooting range (former military and correctional officer) then you ended it nicely with your true weapon of choice - Your smile.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thanks Don, now I know why your writing is so consistent and your words/thoughts are so (focused)(your background) (smile) Have a great day!