Sunday, September 14, 2008

Robberies and Burglaries....

I'm going over the 30 day crime for robberies and burglaries. I'd much rather be walking Max and watching a Law and Order marathon but such as life. Anyway, as I read these crime statistics I'm thinking how sad that there doesn't seem to be a means to an end. Can anyone stop the "freaking violence?" The phrase sure as hell sounds good in a song and even looks good on a T-shirt but realistically, what is the solution and who's responsible?

The POLICE need your help. We are constantly being accused of not doing enough and honestly, what more can we do? Yes, you have a right to walk around with your IPOD on listening to your favorite song, walk down the street with your purse on your shoulder, drive up to an ATM machine at night, leave your front door unlocked, leave your bay window exposed with all your valuables on display and you even have a right to walk around in the privacy of your own home in your birthday suit. The only thing is that in today's society, I wouldn't advise it. A predator doesn't sleep; he is always on the prowl looking for a vulnerable victim and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make his move.

You and I live in America, where people are literally dying to get here and once they arrive, how do we welcome them? We provide crime brochures on how to prevent yourself from being the next crime victim. On the other hand, we can also provide you with a tour map of the Nation's Capitol and all the unique landmarks that makes this city one of the hottest tourist spots in the country.


Don said...

Good question, and one that I could never really provide an answer to. I think it's just a combination of drugs and people not really caring for themselves or others. I think some people have just accepted whatever comes to their lives.

It's sad.

Stacye said...

I agree with Don! Until the mind sets of people in our communities change...the drugs and violence will continue. As law enforcement officers, we do all that we can, but until the community gets good and tired of the violence... the struggle continues!