Friday, September 19, 2008

A soul saved.... or not

Yesterday about 11:50 am or so and I was so focused on my project. I was so full of energy that morning and then the Lt. burst my bubble with (did you see the e-mail?) No I didn't and I didn't want to see it... every other one is about a meeting, deadline or something similar. So he took the liberty of telling me about the 3pm meeting on "my Friday". What could I say, he's the boss and yes, he's BACK! So I'm back to being the detective sergeant "yipee" only 6 more years (lol).

I'm sorry back to my original post. An officer came in and I had on my serious face and I'm not in the mood could you pls ask someone else face. He smiled, I couldn't resist; he had the most gorgeous teeth... he asked for today's lottery number and a prayer. I was so stunned. I gave him my old badge # and reached for my bible and read a devotional relating to work. He was so truly pleased and moments later, he came back with a juvenile male. This young child was 17 and did not believe in GOD. The officer told me that he was wanted and his mother made him turned himself in. Additionally, he wanted me to speak "something spiritual" to him. Me, wow... I took a deep breath and the words had to have come from the holy spirit because believe it or not, I really am shy. I gave my testimony as briefly as I could and (2 make a long story short) he said that when he was about 7 he started asking God for stuff and he never got it. He didn't want to go into detail, so I didn't pry. He said he gave up when he was about 12 or 13. After sharing my past and my pain (the short version) he actually said, "you look happy." How very observant of him. Anyway, by the end of the conversation, he stood up and hugged me and he apologized that we had to meet under these circumstances.... when he did that, I knew there was hope (at least something inside of me felt it.) I will be checking on him in the near future but was that incredible or what?


SLC said...

Someone I've never met, yet consider a friend sent me these words.

No job satisfaction but if you save "one" life it'll be worth it!

It's amazing how well the Holy Spirit uses your past pain to minister hope to a young mans future.

On his behalf I thank God for your ministry. Have a blessed weekend.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Wow, how profound. Who knew she had it in her? I was thinking the same about you but you bet me to it. I've already put 8/6 in my calendar for 2009. Peace to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read about you this does not surprise me. You have the type of personality to save souls. I too would be interested in knowing how the kid turns out.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GF, initials---that's not fair. That's the most beautiful thing you could say to a person. I would have never thought that about myself. I will post his updates, I can't speak the word to him and be done with it. I'm going to talk with his mom first out of respect. I hope that she too can come to Christ. Pray for them along with me. Thanks for your visit and the unforgetable compliment!