Thursday, August 7, 2008

A day off...

It's weird, I took this day off to take Max to the vet. While I'm waiting to pick him up I thought I would clean the house. But after vacuuming, which is pretty exhausting when you're chasing dog hair from room to room, I found myself checking my departmental e-mail. It use to really stress me out and to some degree piss me off that you could come back from a day off and have about 70 of them. Of that amount about 5 are important. But that's just my opinion.

So my solution was to ease the stress and check them from home, that way when I got in there would only be about 25 new ones ;-) If I was lucky. I tell you, once you become involved in law enforcement, it becomes embedded in your brain. Crime, meetings, deadlines and memos constantly invade my cells trying to take me away from what I truly love. It's challenging but nothing I can't put up with for another 6 years or so, right GOD?

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