Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's fun being the boss (sometimes)

My boss is out for a couple of weeks and I'm the big boss (of the office anyway). I miss being the little boss because I don't have to attend as many meetings. I am really behind on my work and you can stay all day and night if you'd like. As long as you get the job done! (Law enforcement is not for the weak at heart). I think if I didn't have to go home to Max, I'd probably work 16-18 hours per day. For now, you can either submit a slip for overtime or compensatory time and I'm single and healthy, so why not? One thing for sure, when my prince charming comes along, knight in shinning armor or "soul mate", it will be 8 straight hours and then I'm outta here! It's Sunday and I love Sundays. All the important people are off and I get to watch my spiritual speakers on Direct TV while I review the weekend crime reports. I usually visit my two senior friends but I've been so busy lately, that we've been communicating by phone. One I met as a result of a drug complaint about 12 years ago and the other was a victim of a violent assault about 5 years ago. I consider them both my grandmothers and they are always checking up on me. Imagine that ;-)