Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Friday (again)...

Good morning everyone. Those of you who are up anyway. It's 0620 hours, on Wednesday and for me it's Friday. I'm off for the next three days and I can hardly contain myself. (My dad's coming to town) so bring it on, I'm ready for this day and all it's drama! I love Fridays because no matter what happens on days like this, I don't have to be the "police" tomorrow. I can be a regular civilian and pretend to have a normal life... if there is a such thing.

Although I still watch my back, people walking past me, look over my shoulders when I get gas, use the ATM and while in the grocery store. I also make sure that my doors are locked when I approached the intersections and there are young men trying to sell something or clean my windshields. It's sad to say that I use to be offended when the (white race) would be fearful of our young brothers in certain situations (metro, elevators, sidewalks, etc..) now I feel the same way at times. I guess it's my past 18 years in law enforcement and the number of young black males committing senseless crimes and carrying handguns. Their regard for your life has little meaning to them. Not to mention the fact that the justice system oftentimes is not as sensitive to the impact that these crimes have on society's sense of safety and the trust that we have placed in "them" to protect you and "me".

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