Sunday, January 25, 2009

Less than a week to prepare

I have never been a victim of a robbery
I have never been a victim of a burglary
I have never been a victim of rape
But I have been a victim of domestic violence...

This week I will be preparing to speak about crime in my district and ways to solve and reduce it. I can speak passionately about domestic violence; why she stays, why he controls and why the cycle continues. But I have no desire to explain why the crime continues to plague our city and what we can do about it. It has been and will be around as long as the sky is blue. Yes, there are preventive measures we can take, but Law Enforcement can not do it alone. We can temporarily blame the economy but over all it starts at home. Not all cases, but most. Your upbringing, your self esteem, respect for self and others, and your contributions to society will greatly effect the environment we live in. Personally speaking, if religion does not play a role in your life, then I don't know how Law Enforcement can eliminate all the bad guys.


SLC said...

Ok. So on your other blog you stated that you're taking a week off to prepare. But, from what I just read, you're better prepared than you realize. And, from what I know of you, that's no surprise. If you need a knuckle head to bounce stuff off please email me (see my profile). If not, remember you're not just on my blog roll, but my prayer roll.


Kofi Bofah said...

Just floating through blog world.

I always get excited to find Maryland bloggers...

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

SLC, I have to present another presentation in a couple of weeks so I will be e-mailing you. Be careful what you ask for.

Love you!

Kofi, that's for the drive by.

love, peace and blessings.
maybe will see one another on the highway, parkway or interstate (smile) my bumper sticker says "life's good"

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